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LWVHC Election Management and Vote Count Services 2021

Vote Counting Services

Learn more about how the League can support your association or organization's elections

LWVHC members spoke with Sherry Bracken of Island Conversations, Sept. 2020

2020 County Charter Amendments

Listen to LWV members and Sherry Bracken on Island Conversations discuss the pros & cons of the 16 Charter Amendments on the 2020 ballot.

LWVHC 100th Anniversary Proclamation with Gov. David Ige

100th Anniversary of LWV - Hawai'i State Celebration - Honolulu

Gov. David Ige celebrates the 100th Anniversary with a Proclamation presented to members of the LWV State Board, and Hawai'i and Honolulu County leagues.

LWVHC Proclamation by Mayor Harry Kim on League's 100th Anniversary

100th Anniversary of League

Mayor Harry Kim signs a proclamation celebrating the League's 100th Anniversary

Hawai'i County Council celebrates League's 100th Anniversary on Feb. 5th

Hawai'i Island County Council celebrates the League's 100th Annivesary

Messages by LWVHC members at the event recognized milestones such as Hawai'i State Rep. Patsy Mink, LWV member and first woman of color elected to House of Representatives.

Sandy Ma of Common Cause Hawai'i speaks on Vote By Mail

Voter Education

Sandy Ma of Common Cause Hawai'i speaks on Vote By Mail, which will start with the 2020 Elections

FORUM LWVHC Party Forum in Waimea 200111

Voter Education - Party Panel

Learn more about this panel discussion on "Big Island Political Parties Prepare for 2020 Elections"

People Powered Fair Maps national map

Voting & Elections - Fair Maps

Learn more about LWVHC's work on full and fair representation through People Powered Fair Maps.

LWV Candidate Forum in West Hawaii

Candidate Forum in West Hawai'i

Click here to check for Candidate Forums and other voter education events

League of Women Voters - 100+ Years Strong

League of Women Voters - 100 Years Strong

Learn more about the history of the League at the county, state and national levels

LWV Hawaii County Members counting votes in Waikoloa

Vote Counting in Waikoloa

Learn more about the League's Vote Counting & Election Services

Hawai'i County

The League of Women Voters works at local, state and national levels to educate policy makers and the public on pressing issues, and takes concerted action to achieve positive change in our communities.

The League of Women Voters of Hawai'i County has been a part of the Big Island community since the 1960s. Members of the Hawai'i Island League work on local, state and national issues that they are passionate about, such as protecting voter rights and transparency and ethics in government. Learn more about our programs, read our guide to misinformation and dis-information, and watch how to register to vote online or Hawai`i Elections Explained, two of the many helpful videos on our state Office of Elections YouTube channel.

For more information about the Big Island League, contact us at (808) 933-VOTE (messages only) or by email at lwvhawaiicty [at] gmail.com, read our current newsletter here, view presentations by speakers here, and see past events here.

Upcoming Dates

  • December 3 (Sun.) - Vote Counting for Fern Forest Community Association

Hawai`i County Meetings

  • January 27, 2024 (Sat.) - General Meeting
  • March 23, 2024 (Sat.) - Annual Meeting

Hawai`i State Board Meetings

  • February 7, 2024 (Wed.)
  • May 17, 2024 (Fri.) - LWV Hawaii State Board Meeting
A conversation with Dr. Holeka Goro Inaba, Hawaii County Council Member and Vice Chair, of District 8 North Kona. A photo of Dr. Inaba in a straw hat wearing a fern lei. A reflection on representing District 8 and priorities for North Kona and the county.
Blog Post

Representing District 8 (North Kona),

Headshot of Hawaii County Council Member for District 2, Jennifer Kagiwada, with details of the event.
Blog Post

Hawai`i County Council Member Jennifer "Jenn" Kagiwada reflected on lessons learned, and still bein

2023 LWVHC award winners Tehlia-Lyn Miguel-Anderson and Mari Nitta Kleinman and their teacher, Pualeilani Fernandez, smile with leis together with Hawaii County Council Member Jennifer Kagiwada and LWVHC board members Eileen O'Hara

For the fourth consecutive year, LWV of Hawai`i County is honored to be a part of Hawai`i History D

Logo for 2023 National Council of the League of Women Voters of the United States
Blog Post

Learn more about some of the exciting priorities and discussions that took place at the 2023 National Council in Las Vegas from  June

Participants smiling and holding banner that reads "Hawai`i History Day" with event logo

Since 2019, LWV of Hawai`i County has sponsored an award at the Hawai`i History Day Hawai`i District Fair, an activity of the

Headshot of Rebecca Villegas smiling and event details for the January 21, 2023, LWVHC general meeting.
Blog Post

Rebecca Villegas, Hawai`i County Council Member for District 7, spoke on "The Comfort and Clarity of Acknowledging Capacity," at the General Meeting of the Hawai`i County League of Women Voters on Saturday, January 21st, 2023.

Image of sample ranked choice voting ballot with event title, "Hawaii Welcomes Ranked Choice Voting," and headshots of three speakers smiling - Nathan Smith, Janet Mason, and Chad Blair.
Blog Post

On January 1, Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) in Hawaii special elections took effect.

Member M Drake
Research & Studies

December 14th, the County Ethics Board met, mostly by ZOOM.  The only person actually in the Council Room where the Ethics Board meets on the 2nd Wed.

Headshot of Barbara Service smiling at camera
Blog Post

The Hawaii Women's Coalition meets twice a month, for at least the last five or six months of the year, to choose subjects of most importance to women and girls.

Blog Post

Just in case you haven't looked at the Legislature's website recently, here's some info that's been posted recently, along with other info:

Headshot of Susan Irvine smiling with LWV name badge
Blog Post

League successfully completed a Vote Count for Fern Forest Community Association last weekend. Thanks to Brad Clark, Helen Hemmes, and Robert Irvine for their help with this count.

LWVHC General Meeting - Jon Henricks, Hawaii County Clerk
Blog Post

Hawai`i has one of the most modern elections system: early voting, automatic and online voter registration, Election Day voter registration, ballot tracking, and voting by mail and in-person

Maile David, Hawaii County Council Chair and Member, District 6
Blog Post

Maile David, Hawaii County Council Chair and Member (District 6), spoke on her journey to public service, the Hawaiian Sovereignty movement, housing, and other topics at the General Meeting of the League of Women Voters of Hawai`i County on August

LWVHC Mtg. -  An Ethicist's Take on the Hawaii County Board of Ethics
Blog Post

Dr. Larry Heintz's talk on "An Ethicist's Take on the Hawaii County Board of Ethics" at the General Meeting of the Hawai`i County League of Women Voters on Saturday, January 10th, 2022, followed by Q&A.

Hawaiian Islands image by AZ Central

AZ Central, part of the USA Today network, has put together a comprehensive guide to voter rights across the US and in Puerto Rico, together with analysis on how voter laws are changing.

Research & Studies

No further interviews have been conducted due to Covid threats.  However, I have attended all County Councilman Matt Kaneali`i’s monthly zoom meetings.

Hawaii State Seal
Blog Post

From the Hawai`i State Board of Elections website

League Commissioner Janet Mason

The Commission to Improve Standards of Conduct is an independent panel created by the Hawaii House of Representatives in February 2022, after two former legislators were charged with accepting bribes to sway wastewater le

Donna Oba, President, LWV Hawaii

Life is returning to “normal” or at least a “new normal,” post-Covid. The State League board had its first in-person board meeting on August 27 in Honolulu.

Vote411 Election Information You Need

Vote411 is League’s online election information website that LWV Hawaii County and began using in 2012 and LWV Honolulu in 2016.

Youth Voter Education at West Hawai`i Explorations Academy 2022

Think back to when you were a high school senior. What was on your mind back then?

National Voter Registration Day 2022 - library

National Voter Registration Day, celebrated on September 20 this year, is a nonpartisan  civic holiday celebrating our democracy.

LWV Volunteers at UHH voter registration table, 9-15-2022

The Political Science Department at the University of Hawaii at Hilo hosted events on September 15 & 16 to recognize US Constitution Day.

Civics Education at Keaau High School

League volunteers spent September 13 and 14 addressing junior civics classes at Kea`au High School.

Piilani Kaopuiki

Piilani Kaopuiki remained a steadfast advocate for Native Hawaiians throughout her life.  She was also a generous member of the League’s 2022 Legislative Committee, including testifying in support of HB 2511 (now Act 279) which earmarked $600 mill

Statue of Lady Justice with sword and scales
Press Mention

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion only underscores how much work remains ahead.

Opinion by Susannah Lee Kandikatti and Rosemarie Mueller, LWVHC Member and past President

LWV Hawaii Council 2022 Meeting 2

The LWV Hawaii Council 2022 meeting on May 21 was a hybrid event. Eleven board members, delegates and guests enjoyed breakfast and coffee at Coconut Grill in Hilo. Six others joined virtually.

LWVHC Voter Registration at Hilo Pride Festival 2022
Blog Post

LWVHC members Brad Clark and Michele Mitsumori (pictured), as well as Helen Hemmes, registered 43 voters at the 2022 Pride Festival on June 25, 2022, at the Mo'oheau Bandstand.

2022 Waimea Community Association - Virtual Candidate Forums

Waimea Community Association will be hosting a virtual candidate forums to help the community learn more about the individuals seeking election for the offices of Governor, Lt. Governor, and Senate, House, Council and Congress.