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Boston Women's March 2021

Boston Women's March 2021

Representing the League at the Boston Rally to Defend Abortion on October 2: (left to right) Ann-Mara Lanza, Marguerite Chatelier, Jenny Zannetos, and Bonny Nothern

LWVW members Ellie Perkins and Marguerite Chatelier signing up new member, Peter Marx

Wellesley Volunteer Fair 2023

LWVW Board Members Ellie Perkins and Marguerite Chatelier signing up new member, Peter Marx

Day on the Hill Oct 23

LWVW Members Join LWVMA's DAY ON THE HILL 2023

Felina Silver (Steering Committee LWV Brookline), Tanya Roy (member LWV Wellesley and current LWVMA treasurer), Senator Cynthia Creem, Lois Levin (member LWV Newton), Bonny Nothern (president LWV Wellesley).

Voter Registration at WHS 2023

LWVW members Skye Jacobs (WHS'24, TMM) and Ivy Wang (WHS'24, TMM) organized a voter registration event at Wellesley High

Standing: Skye Jacobs (L), Ivy Wang (R)  Seated in background: volunteers Amelia Cookson and Katie Passanisi. Two students registering to vote.   



Voter Registration

Voter Registration Day at WHS

Vice President for Voter Services Erry Johnson and VS team member Tanya Roy assisting new voters @ WHS Voter Registration Day

Day on the Hill 2019

Day on the Hill 2019

Wellesley League members Anne Rippy Turtle, Ellen Hallet, Susan Clapham and Tanya Roy attend the League's 2019 "Day on the Hill", a LWVMA event held annually at the Massachusetts State House to discuss upcoming legislation and advocacy.

Voter Registration Day at WHS

Wellesley League Registers Record Numbers of Voters

Wellesley High students’ interest in exercising their right to vote has more than tripled over the last two years, from 44 in 2017 to 134 new voter registrations this year on this one-day annual event. (L to R: Jessica Fixler, Kathie Clay, Laura Brown-MacKinnon, MaryAnne Ulian, Tanya Roy, Jen Ellis. Not pictured: Colette Aufranc.)

LWVW at July Jubilation 2019

LWVW at July Jubilation

Susan Clapham, Anne Rippy Turtle and Ellen Hallett and suffragette friend brave the heat at Wellesley's 2019 July Jubilation.

50 Year Service Recognition

50 Years of Service!

The Wellesley LWV recognized Mary Ann Cluggish and Anne Rippy Turtle for their 50 years of distinguished service to the League at the Annual Meeting in May 2019.

LWVW Marches in the Wellesley Parade

LWVW Marches in the Wellesley's Annual Parade

League members Anne Rippy Turtle, Ann-Mara Lanza, Jenny Zannetos and Ellen Hallett wear their suffragette white in the May 2019 Wellesley Parade to celebrate the centenary of the 19th Amendment guaranteeing women the right to vote.

Lobbying for ROE Act

LWVW Lobbies for the ROE Act

League members Raina McManus, Laura Brown McKinnon, Susan Clapham and Ellen Hallett  meet with ROE Act co-sponsor Alice Peisch at the Massachusetts State House

First Wellesley Meet Up

First Wellesley Meet-Up a Success!

On October 12, 2017, the LWV Wellesley hosted its first ever "Wellesley Meet-Up: Informal discussions with your elected town officials." Residents were invited to attend this "speed dating"-style event, which was attended by members of every elected town board and committee.

MTCN 2018

Standing Room Only at Meet the Candidates Night

Meet the Candidates Night, held on March 1, 2018, was a chance for voters to meet the candidates for town-wide office, hear their positions on issues of importance to the town, and pose questions directly to them. 19 of the 21 candidates running for 11 Town-wide offices participated.

LWVW at Naturalization Ceremony in Lowell, MA

Wellesley League Registers New Citizens!

On June 6, 2018, LWVW members Ellen Hallett, Erry Johnson and Tanya Roy joined other LWVMA members at the Naturalization Ceremony in Lowell to help welcome 995 new American citizens from 95 countries, greeting them with flags and voter registration applications. 

Brown Bag lunch with Alice Peisch

Brown Bag Lunch with State Representative Alice Peisch

LWV Wellesley members meet with State Representative Alice Peisch on March 9, 2018 at the home of Lise Olney to hear about the current legislative session and ask Rep. Peisch questions about issues which are important to Wellesley residents. Photo by LWVW member Tanya Roy.

LWVW 80th Birthday

LWVW 80th Birthday Celebration

The League of Women Voters Wellesley celebrated its 80th birthday at Candidates' Night. 2017-18 Board members (L to R): Ann-Mara Lanza, Jenny Zannetos, Joellen Toussaint, Anne Rippy Turtle, Erry Johnson, Ann Rappaport, Irene Flint, Ellen Hallett


The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Event Date: 
Nov 30 2023 07:00 pm
Event location: 

Wellesley Free Library, Wakelin Room

How is Wellesley Complying?

Meghan Jop, Executive Director of General Government Services, and Eric Arbeene, Planning Director, will be our keynote speakers at this important community dialogue. 

Event Date: 
Dec 06 2023 07:00 pm
Event location: 

Warren Building

The League of Women Voters of Wellesley will be holding this live information session for anyone interested in running for Town Meeting or one of Wellesley’s Boards in our town's March 2024 election.


Have you ever wondered how decisions get made for the Town of Wellesley and who's making these decisions?

Entering Wellesley Road Sign

In an effort to foster a better understanding and appreciation of the role of local government in our lives as residents of Wellesley, MA, we’re excited to bring a new series of short videos about Town Government to the our community .